A certain feeling - the vast expanse of sky... soaring.

I found your work to be extremely helpful in challenging old pain, and in starting the process of regaining my personal power. And I felt your journeying had great integrity, which I appreciated.   -- M


I went to Lesley not knowing what to expect and what exactly she did. After going on her journey she got right to the heart of my reasons for coming, even though I didn't tell her much of anything. She helped heal some things in me that really changed how my life had been going. Every session I had was the same in that way. I went with a silent intention of what I wanted to fix and that is what she got from her journey to do. Her work was direct and made immediate, positive changes in me.  The sessions are peaceful and relaxing, and Lesley is very down to earth and positive. I would totally recommend her.  --T.


I was recommended to Lesley Tao after suffering deep depression and anxiety due to a death, a divorce, an abandonment. All by different people, all within six months and being left to deal with an ailing parent.  I tried psychotherapy and antidepressants. Lesley Tao and our healing process gradually made me feel safe and protected.  Then we worked on building inner strength. Soon I was ready to take on the world  again. I am truly grateful. Lesley Tao's natural healing ability both earthly and spiritual is remarkable.  -- S.


I was really challenged by the group rhythm--in a growing way.  Now I yearn for it.  Thanks, Lesley. -- C.


You're a gifted leader/speaker/minister.  You stand humbly in your power and using your heart, you connect with Spirit, and gently and powerfully guide us.  I love your use of sound and movement to enhance.  -- Ci.


Thanks for everything-knowing you has enriched my life deeply. You're a cool lady who is a wealth of knowledge/talents and whom I have learned tons from! You will not be forgotten.  -- N


Participating in the sacred drum workshop was such a rich experience for me. Lesley Tao facilitated a process by which I was able to connect with the power of music in my family from generations past to generations forward. With her guidance the experience was so much more than I expected. I felt them all with me througout the process.
I had some initial fear when invited to experience shamanic journeying in a group setting. I deliberately chose to work with Lesley Tao, as I already knew her to be loving, open, and wise. By connecting to my power animal through Lesley Tao, she confirmed a message I had received 6 months earlier on a private retreat when the blue heron came to me. She is a humble, gifted healer and I recommend her with great enthusiasm as a spiritual guide.  -- L