Tender new growth beginning to see the light of day.

'Journey Towards Wholeness'
private sessions

We are launching DrumFlower by offering 'Journey Towards Wholeness' private sessions with Lesley Tao Mowat - an opportunity for a very personal journey of healing and empowerment optimized just for you.

To schedule your first session and get more info:

email info@drumflower.com

or use form on the contact page

or call us at 215-813-7409

Because the world needs whole people, we believe in reaching as many people who want to begin this journey as possible - so if you can phone or Skype to the USA we can do a private session. Location is not a problem!

What does matter is that you have a desire to engage in a process of discovery and healing, moving towards wholeness, blossoming into your beautiful, unique self. Experience has shown - there is no magic wand someone else can wave over you to fix all your problems! It is not about giving your power away to someone else who has all the answers. Personal growth and healing is a process and partnership between you and those who assist in your process. That is why DrumFlower speaks of assisting or nurturing your sacred journey. We can walk with you, we can help guide you, we can even facilitate healing but there is always a part for you to play in this amazing journey. Isn't that wonderful?